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Contract Flooring Services are commercial flooring distributors and contractors who are able to offer a large comprehensive range of contract carpets at a discounted price from manufactures such as Burmatex, Heckmondwike, Paragon, Desso, Weston, Tessera, Joseph Hamilton & Seaton (JHS),  Tretford Cord, Flotex Cavalier, Antrim, Danfloor, Marling, Forbo, Rawson etc.

Some products have been developed to meet the special needs as associated in Healthcare, Schools, Hotel and Leisure, Golf Clubs Etc.

We have also ranges of other products available on associated sites which include Contract Carpet Tiles,  Non-Slip Flooring, Entrance Matting and Carpet, Barrier Tiles, Artificial Grass, Safety Stair Nosing, Playground Mats, Outdoor Carpet Logo Mats

All products offered for sale are first qualities and not seconds.

Bespoke Design Carpets, minimum order of just 100m2

Don't forget to check out our special offer/clearance pages on our other sites. Carpet Tiles,  Commercial Vinyl Flooring, Commercial Carpets which are made up of manufactures clearance lines, special offers, overruns and discontinued ranges

If you need any friendly advice or help on selecting your flooring then please contact us without any obligation 

Know what you want but can't see it listed, then give us a call, we have access to many different manufactures and would be only to pleased to submit a quotation based on your requirements

Most carpets are dispatched to you directly from our suppliers. This enables us to keep our overheads low and pass the savings to our customers. 


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Entrance Mats

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  Heckmondwike carpet and tiles at Discount Prices - Supacord ,Broadrib, Wellington Velour, Hobnail , Hobnail ,Conqueror ,Iron Duke, Montage,Array, Battleship , Hippo ,Dreadnought, Vanquisher, Diamond, Zephyr, Sticks & Stones Tiles, Precipice
  Tessera Carpet Tiles at Discount Prices. – Teviot, Apex 640, Create Space, Barcode, Atrium, Circulate, Mix, Format, Inline, Weave, Helix, Arran, Rippleweave, Ethos, Alignment, Alignment Highlights, Acrobat, Sheerpoint, Flotex Flocked Flooring

Desso Carpet Tiles and Carpet at Discount Prices. Airmaster, Arcade, Dash, Entry, Essence, Essence Insperation, Essence Maze, Essence Stripe, Flow, Flux , Forto, , Freestyle Grids, Halo, Libra Grooves, Libra Lines , Lita, Lupo, Menda ,Mila , Mosaic, Neo, Neo Core , Palatino , Pallas, Protect, Pure, Reclaim, Reclaim Ribs, Ritz, Sand, Sand Stripe, Scape, Sienna, Soundmaster, Stratos, Stratos Blocks, Supria ,Tempra , Torso , Trapez , Tree, Twist, Verso, Verso Bars, Visons of Flowers, Elegance, Exel, Hint, Inversion, Marathon,


Joseph Hamilton & Seaton – JHS. Carpets and Carpet Tiles – Ballantrae Plus, Consortium, Epsom, Prime Contender,Freelance, Garda Plus, New Garda, Milan Plus, Ottawa, Plaza, Skylark, Signature II,  Venice Plus, Fairmont, Hyde Park, Metropol, Park Royal,  Outdoor Sheet, Turf-One, Turf-Two, Turf-Seven, Turf-Eight, Turf-Nine, Baccarat, Banff Design, Balmoral II, Matrix, Palmera Plus, Stanford II, World Vintage, Vancouver, Blackthorn, Callisto II, Elder, Hawthorn II, Hornbeam II, Mutual, Tweed, Verona Plus, Tretford, Tretford Tile, Armitage, Country Twist, Elford Twist, Haywood Twist, Handsacre II, Langdon Twist,  Hospi-care Plus, Hospi-Classis II, Hospi-Classic Plain II, Hospi-Comfort, Hospi- Elegance, Hospi Elite, Hospi-Excel, Hospi-Flair, Hospi-Lux, Hospi-Safe, Hospi-Style, Hospi Super, Hospi-Supreme, Hospi-Twist, Hospi-Twist Heathers, Universal Lite, Universal Lite Plain, Universal Tones, Mosaic, Hospi-Guard II, Hospi-Loop II, Hospi-Tones, Arizona, Brossmat Lite, BullDog-Mat, Caretaker/Brossmat, Dakota, Davos, Design, Dino-Mat, Geneva, Rhino-Mat, Trio-Mat, Verbier Sheet, Vermont, Zermat Hobnail, Zermat Wave, Como III, Compact Cord II,  Alps II,  Fast Track Cord,  Albatross II, Ballantrae Classic II, Custom Print, Brindisi, Candidate, Creative, Lucca, Mainstay, Monza II,  Mutual II, Natural Lines, Pattani, Perception, Pinstripe, Postino, Rimini, Stability, Stealth, Straight Forward, Surin Loop, Triumph, Turin, Verona Plus, Westbury, Euro Tile Collection, Gallery Plus, Safety Alpha,  Minaflex Tiles, Flexi Tile, Supa-Lock Tiles.Universal Care,


Flotex Carpet and Tiles


Marlings Carpets and Tiles, -  Burbury, Burford, Glencoe, Livingstone, Montrose, Naturals/Any Which Way, Parade, Highgrove, Orbis, Amberley, Dursley, Marling Twill, Sumi Green Sumi Leaf,  Sumi Marine, Camouflage, Chedworth,  Plain & Simple, Seasons, Delta Cord, Delta Plus, Martred, Saxon, Trident, Frome.


Paragon Carpet and Tiles. – Macaw, Sirocco, Diversity, Toccarre, Workspace, Ashbury, Colourquest, Colour-Works, Ferrara, Distinction, Maestro, New Harmonise, Oriental Collection, Parallel Lines, Parallel Reflections, Artisan, Vantage, Neutron, Furion, New Toscana, New Ravenna, Colour Quest, Micropoint, Phenomenon, Navigator Plus, Eco Entrance Matting.


Burmatex Carpet Tiles at Discount Prices - 3230 Classic, 4200 Sidewalk ,4400 Broadway ,5500 Luxury , Rialto Tile, Cordiale Tile, Academy Tile, Velour Excel Tile, Lateral Tile, Zip Tile, 7700 Grimebuster,7800 Chevrolay ,Tivoli 24 Tile, Tivoli Online Tile, Balance Tile, Infinity 24, Sector Tile, Surface Tile, Loom Tile, Strands, Origin Tile, Axis Tile, Evolve Tiles, Scan Tile, Shift Tile, Axis Tile, Mode, Versatile


Weston Hammer Carpets. – Tunis, Queen Tweed, Denver, Oklahoma, Supreme Boucle, Supreme Stripe, Natural Lines, Natural Textures Diamond, Natural Textures Tonal, Imperial Boucle, Royal Design, Las Vegas, Royal Velour, Stone Fibre Collection, Sisal Boucle, Sisal Berber, Classic, Dιcor Care Impervious, Premier Care Rosetta, Thor, Ritz, Colortec Ambassador, President Graphic, IMO Entrance Matting.


Forbo Tessera Carpet Tiles at Discount Prices - Acrobat, Alignment, Apex 640, Atrium, Basis, Barcode, Carpetguard, Core, Diffusion, Ethos, Format, Helix, In-Line, Jazz Tones, Mix, Optimum Create Loop, Primera, Rippleweave, Sheerpoint, Teviot, Vista, Flotex Tile, Flotex Sheet Classic, Flotex  Sheet HD, Coral Entrance Matting Systems, Coral Duo, Coral Brush Pure, Coral Brush Blend, Coral Classic, Coral Welcome


Karndean Tiles


Danfloor Carpets  -  Orbit, Equinox, Equinox Plus, Infinity, Arena, Eton Basic, Eton Ribs, Eton Tweed, Response Loop, Response Cut, Faculty, New Generation Carpet


Cavalier Carpets. – Adobe,  Architect, Cartouche, Confetti, Country Collection, Criterion, Fineweave, Guildhall, Liberty, Osiris, Rustic, Saracen, Savannah, New Shepherd Collection, Stainless, Tumbledown, Tumbletex, Woolsack, Urban Choice, Lupo, Arlington, Pennant, Woodlands, Corvette, Darwen, Solus, Space Style,


Antrim Carpets - High Quality Custom Designed Bespoke Axminster Carpets.Bars, Clubs, Pubs,Hotels, Restaurants, Bingo, Cinema, Casino, Arcade


Rawson Contract Carpet and Tiles, Patio, Denby, Eurocord 2000, Freeway, Champion, Felkirk, Castle Tile, Primary Colours, Trackmaster, Hercules, Dominator Plus, Spikemaster, Eden, Jazz, Starquest Loop, Starquest Cut, Calder, Fanfare, New Classmate


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